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Domestic propylene market is expected to be stable in the near future

On November 7, the domestic propylene market was stable. Up to now, the mainstream price of propylene in Shandong Province is 6800-7200 yuan / ton; crude oil futures fell to a six week low on Friday (November 4), falling about 9% in total this week, as doubts about OPEC productio... Addtime:2018-03-27

The era of "big circulation" of domestic PS supply

Introduction: after the rapid development of domestic PS industry in recent years, China&#39;s overall PS production capacity and trade volume are also growing, with more frequent and convenient distribution of goods. In the past, local production enterprises mainly used to meet ... Addtime:2018-03-27

Tight supply of goods in the year butadiene rose in concussion

In 2016, the overall market price of butadiene in the outer market maintained a volatile upward trend. Compared with last year, the market price was significantly higher. Most of the time, it operated above the annual average price of last year. Especially at the end of the third... Addtime:2018-03-27

We are on the cusp of the wave of low sulfur

[introduction] with the implementation of the implementation plan of the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and Bohai Sea (Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei) water area ship emission control area, the low sulfur wave is coming in all-round way, and there must be brave people and cas... Addtime:2018-03-27

Types and development direction of adhesives

Urea formaldehyde adhesive It is mainly used in wood processing. Due to the high formaldehyde emission in urea formaldehyde glue, the environmental pollution of wood-based panel is caused. According to the determination of national wood-based panel testing center, the formaldehy... Addtime:2018-03-27

Analysis of the proportion of China's polypropylene production capacity by raw material source

In recent years, polypropylene raw materials have diversified development. We divide propylene sources of polypropylene enterprises into the following categories: oil, coal, purchased methanol, purchased propylene, PDH. At present, the raw materials of polypropylene are mainly oi... Addtime:2018-03-27

2017's strategy of basic chemical industry: wind water turns to withered trees in turn and wai

The profit growth of chemical industry is good, and the valuation is on the high side. From the perspective of industry situation, China&#39;s chemical raw materials and products revenue has bid farewell to the high-speed growth stage and entered the low-speed growth stage. Than... Addtime:2018-03-27

Cold wave in North Asia! Oil, coal and gas prices may continue to rise

The early winter in North Asia this year and the full operation of power plants across the region will stimulate the demand for oil, coal and natural gas, which means that these energy prices may rise further. Commodity analysts blame La Nina for the cold wave. The weather forec... Addtime:2018-03-27

Acceleration of industrial investment seven enterprises newly build 630000 tons of coating project

The reporter learned on November 14 that seven enterprises have recently invested in the new coating project with a total capacity of 630000 tons. Among them, Hezhou Yongtong new coating Co., Ltd. has signed a contract to build a new environmental protection coating project with ... Addtime:2018-03-27

Accelerate the structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading of coating industry

This year, due to the adjustment of real estate, automobile and other important markets, the coating industry is facing the dual pressure of economic growth downward and cost rising, and the requirements of employment, environmental protection and safety are higher and higher, wh... Addtime:2018-03-27

How to develop coatings industry in the era of "Internet +"

Using "Internet" thinking to cultivate innovative consciousness Compared with the changes in the taxi industry in recent years, the insiders said: "the taxi industry has changed, which is to use the Internet perspective to examine its business model, management model and operati... Addtime:2018-03-27

The total consumption of global coatings market in 2016 is expected to reach 40 million tons

According to the latest report of Market Research Institute kusumgar, nerlfi & growney, the total consumption of global paint market in 2016 will reach 88 billion pounds (about 40 million tons), with a total value of US $130 billion. The report points out that the global paint c... Addtime:2018-03-27

Energy and chemical products fell sharply PVC blocked

On Friday (November 18), the market fell more or less, and energy and chemical products fell sharply. By the end of the afternoon, PVC was blocked, coking coal fell 4.13%, power coal, propylene, ethylene and iron ore fell more than 2%, rubber, coke, Shanghai tin, manganese silico... Addtime:2018-03-27

Chemical giant ExxonMobil increases PE capacity expansion

ExxonMobil has long planned to increase its PE resin production capacity in the Gulf Coast region of the United States. Now, its capacity expansion is further increased. On November 14, the company announced that its PE plant in Beaumont, Texas, would increase its annual capacit... Addtime:2018-03-27

Shengbao Bank: if OPEC fails to reach a production restriction agreement, the oil price will be as l

Ole Hansen, head of commodity strategy at Saxo Bank, said in an interview in Dubai on Thursday (November 17) that if OPEC fails to limit production at the Vienna meeting later this month, it will face oil prices as low as $40 a barrel. At the same time, Hansen believes that Russ... Addtime:2018-03-27

IEA: crude oil demand will continue to grow until 2040

According to foreign media reports, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said on Wednesday that the world&#39;s dependence on fossil fuels is far from over. Despite the commitments made at last year&#39;s climate change summit in Paris to limit greenhouse gas emissions, crude oi... Addtime:2016-08-18
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